General terms and conditions advertising agency

Article 1: Purpose

These general conditions of sale are intended to define the conditions of provision by the benefit an advertiser or its agent advertising space described in the insertion order. The advertiser or its agent must be registered and have a account.

Article 2: Definitions

For the purposes of these terms of sale, the following terms are used with the meaning and the scope defined below:
Distribution: presence on the advertising space of the message of the advertiser.
Advertising space: slots available on the pussy site, available at
Attorney: any intermediary duly designated by the advertiser, in accordance with Law No 93-122 of 29 January 1993, acting on behalf of the advertiser for the acquisition of an advertising space.
Message: Any message for directly or indirectly promoting the supply of goods and / or services including those presented under their generic name regardless of its form (banner, interstitial, inset …).
Insertion Order: document issued by then accepted by the advertiser or its agent embodying the agreement reached between the parties as to the distribution of messages sent by the advertiser or its agent on the ad space.
Article 3: Acceptance of Terms of Sale
The purchase of an insertion order by an advertiser or its agent duly appointed by him and on his behalf constitutes acceptance of these terms of sale and price conditions, discounts and rebates that are attached, and respect of all laws, regulations and practices governing the advertising as the internet.

Article 4: Statement by a representative

The advertiser can buy the ad space directly on the site of or through a duly appointed agent by him, pursuant to the provisions of Articles 20 and following of the law n ° 93-122 dated 29 January 1993.
In the latter case, he must inform, in writing and in advance of the existence of this mandate and transmit a copy of the agency agreement before the start of the advertising campaign.
Terms and conditions
Advertising Agency Signing or settlement (payment) of the insertion order commits the advertiser and his agent.
The agent provides on behalf of the advertiser management, monitoring and control of insertion orders and invoices, and payment on the Maturity Date by himself or by the advertiser.
The agent will be accountable to the advertiser conditions in which the delivery was made.
The insertion order is personal to the advertiser. It can not be transferred, even partially, without prior agreement from
In case of modification or termination of office during the year, the advertiser must immediately inform by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The advertiser will remain held the commitments made by his representative to the date of receipt of this letter;
and he will set the corresponding advertising insertion orders accepted prior to such termination.
In all cases, the agent and the agent will be deemed jointly responsible for the financial regulation on the present.

Article 5: space How to buy

Any advertising order must be settled (paid) by the advertiser or its agent to be put online later than three (3) weeks before the start date of the campaign.

Article 6: Duration and Termination

These general conditions of sale shall take effect from the settlement (payment) of the insertion order by the advertiser or agent for the duration set in the insertion order. may cancel an insertion order simply by email at any time in case of breach by the Advertiser or his representative to its obligations, and, after notice to be sent to him by email at Email indicated gold inscription on the site

Article 7: Order Cancellation or postponement

Any cancellation of an insertion order or postponement order must always be directed to by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least twenty (20) days before the posting on the website .

If this notice is not complied with, the following penalties will be applied as of right:

– 50% of the amount set aside for a notification from 10 days to 5 days before the broadcast;
– The total amount set aside for a notification made less than 5 days before the broadcast.
The canceled advertising space is placed at the disposal of

Article 8: Rates

Prices and rebates granted to the advertiser, unless expressly agreed in writing of a change by, are attached to these terms and accepted by the advertiser or his agent. reserves the right to change these prices, by notice to the owner or his agent at least 15 days before the date of the entry into force of these amendments.

Article 9: Billing & Speeds

Rates are exclusive of tax; Taxes and fees related to the insertion order at the time of dissemination are the responsibility of the advertiser.
Billing for insertion orders is established in the name of the advertiser who will be the only recipient of an original invoice; a double may be sent by mail to the monitoring trustee of billing.
Invoices are payable immediately and in full from the order. reserves the right to request a bank guarantee for an amount exceeding one hundred (100) thousand euros. does not grant cash discount.
In case of recovery of unpaid bills by a court, the amount of all unpaid invoices will be increased automatically by 25% as a fixed penalty, pursuant to article 1226 and following of the Civil Code.

Article 10: Payment

Paying bills can be done by the advertiser or his agent, provided that must send the original invoice directly to the advertiser.
The advertiser is in any case responsible for payment orders and default interest. It is understood that the advertiser remains responsible for payment of the distribution costs of advertising even though he would have already made the payment in the hands of his agent.
In case of non-compliance with the conditions of payment, not yet implemented insertion orders can be terminated by right, without notice or compensation. In the latter case, all the corresponding operations will be charged and the balance due will be due immediately.

Article 11: Rights and Obligations of the Advertiser

The advertiser or its agent agrees to return to a copy of the advertisement with quality standards conform to the specifications set by attached.
The advertiser agrees to comply with all the regulations applicable to the dissemination of advertising messages on the Internet, including the recommendations issued by the Authority of Professional Regulation of Advertising and the mandatory provisions intended to ensure the protection of the public order, and so that responsibility for nor its contractors can in no way be.

Article 12: Right next to the messages reserves the right to refuse execution of any insertion order or suspend him if he appears not in accordance with laws, regulations and present use and future governing advertising and internet, as well as interests of his group.
In the event that a message does not respect the conditions outlined below, reserves the right to withdraw the ad. In any event no compensation can be claimed as a result by the advertiser and / or agent.
In all cases of non-compliance of an advertisement, the advertiser is required to pay the entire campaign and, if applicable, the technical costs, damages and legal costs.

Article 13: Responsibility

Any commercial message is broadcast under the sole responsibility of the advertiser.
The Advertiser represents and warrants that the content of the advertisement broadcast will not infringe any intellectual or industrial property belonging to third parties and complies with laws and regulations.
The advertiser guarantees and its subcontractors against any claim and any appeal of the authors, producers, designers, filmmakers, publishers, performers and all those who feel aggrieved by the messages in any capacity whatsoever .
As such, the advertiser will indemnify all costs, charges and expenses that it would incur in respect of the above, including the fees and consulting costs, including pursuant to a decision not yet final justice.
The advertiser must ensure technical compatibility of its equipment and broadcast messages he hears with the requirements of for the duration of the campaign. It is expressly agreed that not be liable in respect of loss or damage to documents submitted to him either physically or by remote transmission on the occasion of an order. and its subcontractors are released from its obligation to publish the message of the advertiser as a result of the occurrence of any fortuitous event or force majeure as recognized by case law. It can not notably be held responsible for the failure of technical infrastructure related to the malfunction of the Internet network, interruptions of electric utilities or telecommunications, momentary interruptions for the updating of certain files or for the proper functioning and / or development of the computer system to improve performance and / or maintain it.
It is expressly agreed that is subject to any obligation of means regarding the dissemination of messages provided by the advertiser or his agent. It is expressly agreed that if the responsibility for or its subcontractors were adopted as part of these terms of sale, the advertiser or his agent could not claim other allowances and damages that repayment sums paid for the advertising campaign underway. In no event or its subcontractors will only cover compensation for indirect damage that could invoke the advertiser or its agent such as especially commercial loss, operating loss or profit.
In case of delay in delivery of materials or delivery of a defective or non-compliant with the technical specifications thereby causing a non-broadcasting, the price of the planned campaign will be fully payable by the advertiser to
To ensure the best possible broadcast quality, will ask during the campaign the advertiser to provide new equipment conforms to technical specifications different from those originally planned.

Article 14: Miscellaneous

These general terms and conditions take effect from 15 June 2017. reserves the right to modify certain elements of these Terms and Conditions during the year, particularly in terms of legal and regulatory developments. reserves the right to transfer these to any group company to which it belongs, or any company controlling, controlled by, under the provisions of Article L. 233-3 of the Commercial Code, and without the express prior consent of the advertiser.

Disputes arising out herein or may be a result or consequence, and which have been the subject of an amicable settlement within fifteen days of the change notified to the initiative of the party more diligent, will then be submitted to the Cayman courts of International Commercial department.